Thursday, 24 October 2013

A Fall Clip Art Giveaway 2 Lucky Winners!

Hi there - I have a Clip Art addiction! I consider it to be fairly harmless, so I just let my love for cute Clip Art take over my life most of the time. My good friend Marilou draws custom stuff for me whenever I need it. She's a gem! I am so lucky cause I never give her any warning, I usually just run into her classroom, chart paper and scented markers flying behind me, tell her what I need, run back to my class and wait. She always delivers and I end up with beautiful anchor charts, thanks to her. Here is one of my favourites she drew for me.
And now, Marilou is sharing her talent with everyone, so she's not just mine anymore. She has opened a TPT and an Etsy store and I would LOVE for you to win some of her clip art. She is giving away her Halloween and Thanksgiving bundles to 2 lucky winners as well as a custom teacher illustration, you can check out the one she did of me below.

Just use the Rafflecopter below to enter the Clip Art Giveaway.

Good luck! If you have time to stop by Marilou's Etsy shop, she is offering 10% off now til Monday, just use the code 10GROOVY.